Google + GIS map with fire weather forecast zones


Here is a Google + GIS map that displays the fire weather zones. This data is hosted on NOAA’s NowCOAST GIS server. The map is centered on northern California when it opens but the data covers the U.S.

When you click a zone you will see a display with all the attribute data the GIS server has for the thing that you clicked. If you follow the link then you will see a NOAA webpage with the current fire weather forecast for a number of zones. Do alt-F and search that text for your zone number.

Another useful weather related GIS overlay the map can display is the “Forecast discussion”. If you need help to turn this overlay layer ‘on’, please read the “Map tips”. That link is in the upper left corner.

Map link:,-121.656680&z=7&t=t1,Fire_weather_forecast&q=