Guard bucket training.


Do you have a location for this or who is participating?

Millerton lake, National guard out of Fresno with a Calfire trainer. They started yesterday. Pilot flying yesterday made the instructor a little nervous showing off a little bit :rofl:.


Military pilots have definitely gone to different flying schools than civilian side. :thinking:
I knew Viet Nam pilots that weren’t always taught what the helicopter’s limitations were. :cowboy_hat_face:


They learned what the aircraft could do…even if the builder said it wasn’t recommended.


Me and a coworker were out on the water moving bouys and watched them do drops on a spot we call pole island and they were pulling on the stick on the approaches on the drop, Looked cool. Most importantly there were no tail slaps during the dip, saw that once during their training 5-6 years ago. The person flying today was a little more boring.


I wonder if part of their training includes watching past Indy 500’s, make sure that race track pattern is down tight. :wink:

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If you read books like “Not a Good Day to Die,” “Call Sign Chaos” and some of the others that include troop movements by aircraft its quickly realized that in the military environment the terms slow, steady, smooth, and gently are terms that might get you hurt or killed. V-Vet pilots learned skidding in on rice paddies as common to survival. Over the years I could tell when flying with a military trained pilot even before we had the talk. They know the envelope and all four corners of that envelope. Usually no nonsense and very proficient. I always felt comfortable with their skillset.


I was thinking Martinsville.

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