Hawaii fire


Anyone have any info of the fire on maui? The location, size and If any structures were lost.


I can’t figure out how to link it here but there are news articles with some photos and location information on the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now web sites.




Talking with a Maui chief. Fire is gonna bump the power plant and north Kihei subdivision. Winds are a huge factor coming from north blowing 25 sustained and gusts up to 45.




Thank you! Do you know what resources are assigned?


3 helos, private dozers and water tenders. State ARFF resources. Called back fire personnel. Right now 50 fire personnel on the line. Trying to control the major issue areas. No containment yet but fire activity significantly died down due to no high winds in the area. Also national guard is on stand by with a chinook available if needed.


There are several youtube videos of the fire online. Weird seeing that kind of fire behavior on a “tropical” island. You can see how dry the area is burning in one of the videos.


On some of the islands there are “dry” sides and “wet” sides of the island. Two completely different environments.

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The southern part of the Maui central valley area is an incredible wind funnel during the afternoon tradewinds. Would be interesting to see a wind-map of that area from yesterday.


Yes, very familiar with that…just always seemed weird hearing about wildland fires.