Help with wildfire survivor research?


Since my family lost our home in the Tubbs fire, I’ve been trying to work on a project to set up a public mapping system to show fire location based on some of the NASA satellite data they have online now. I know that in Santa Rosa, there weren’t police notices or anything when the fire was breaking out, so I figured this would make it easier for people to make it out on their own.

I’m finally starting to figure this out a bit more, so I’m trying to do some research to figure out how to make this in a way that’ll actually be useful, and I figured I’d start with some basic interviews with people to see if other people’s thoughts line up with mine. If anyone would be down to talk with me or help me get in contact with people, that would be super helpful! Just lmk here or dm me if you’re interested.


Possibly describe the “project” a bit more.

Is it early warning?
General perimeter mapping?
Post incident mapping?

Lots of solid folks in and around here but stubborn ( sarcastically spoken of course). You may have to bait the hook a bit more as to what exactly it is you are looking for and intend to do with the info. :+1:

When. You say NASA Intel, as in GOES 15,16…satellites?