Hotshot crew accident

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Any update on how everyone’s doing?


Haven’t officially heard or seen anything on the condition of the crew. But word on the street the next day was that they suffered from broken ribs, lacerations, broken arms, and some other non-life threatening injuries. They are all lucky to be alive looking at the condition of their vehicles.

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The worst injury was broken ribs and a punctured lung (Same person). As of yesterday he was still in the hospital but standing and should be released today. They will be on light duty for a few days and get back at it soon. The one guy will have to heal up before he goes back to work of course. I’m not sure how long the guy with the lacerations on his face will be out but I wouldn’t think too long. All in all they are doing very well!


Thanks for the replies all. Without question someone was watching over them.

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News release from the Forest Service

“Ten Redding Hotshots who sustained injuries in a vehicle accident nearly a week ago have been released from hospitalization and are expected to return to duty in the coming weeks. The crew is extremely grateful for the outpouring of support they have received.”

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I saw them last week at North Ops. Lots of banged up hotshots, but everybody is doing well and back to work. One will be in a cast for another six weeks or so.