IFPM FS 462 to 401 series paid college

Anyone do this years ago?

Looking to find the original policy that allowed the agency to pay for college.

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Policy, you say?

Title 5, Chapter I, Sub Chapter B, part 410 of the Federal Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) outlines the intent and restrictions associated with “Training to obtain an academic degree.”

Title 5, §4107 outlines “Academic Degree Training requirements.”

Title 5, §335.103 describes the process for Agencies to create “Agency Promotion Programs.”

Title 5 §4109 describes the legal authority and mechanism for funding the tuition and per diem for an employee to attend academic training.

The Office of Personnel Management has created a useful summation of many of the laws and requirements pertaining to this subject at this link.

Hope this helps.



I knew this group still held a large amount of corporate knowledge. Much appreciated.

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