Images from the Valley Fire


Hi All,

Just registered and great to have a wildland fire oriented forum back up and running!

Just wanted to share some images I photographed during IA at the West Fire in Alpine and the Valley Fire on the BDF.

It was pretty tragic to see so many homes lost in Alpine last Friday, but crews made an incredible stop and it could’ve been alot worse, the fire basically burned straight into the town center. While I enjoy photographing tanker drops, night shots, etc., its important to show the serious side of WUI fires when structures are lost as well… all part of the story here in CA.

My background, - photographer/media with wildland fire training, now a contractor for various agencies working on documenting the work you all do.

(EDIT: Since I just registered it only let me upload one photo… more to come!)

Be safe out there!


You’ve got an excellent collection of photos Mr Palley. Welcome to the forum.


Thank you sir! Glad to be here and grateful that a wildfire forum has been established. A great resource to both wildland firefighters and the interested public!