Increase in Baseline Firefighters for CalFire Proposal

Anybody in the know as to whether the FF handcrews this year were on the E side of things or did it get wrapped up in the general fund. If it was on the E side, this might be just to make it and the other additions permanent. Not sure if the numbers in this proposal mirror what occurred this year. Either way, kudos for support.

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The FF1 crews were all E funded/Augment funding. D.O.F keeps saying the surplus is ONE TIME FUNDING and there isn’t reoccurring funding available for raises for existing employees.

Hence the reason for the 2.6% salary increase and the 1 year extension of the existing contract.

You are probably right about the perm funding. As the number of crews talked about(16) is the same amount this year. So it would make perm the 8 camps that each got 2 crews for 7 days per week staffing. But could surge to 5 crews each with DO canceled on staffing patterns.