Initial attack or discussion question


I know there is a lot of OCD types out there (Im one) who get jittery if a question is asked in the initial attacks. However, some of the most recent fires appear to be mostly updated in the Q&D threads. Was just wondering if there is a method to this madness…

Thanks for the clarification

ps sorry if this was asked in another thread… I have not seen it


I’ve seen it played a few ways.

  1. Q/D is started when there isn’t enough known for an I/A. Then I/A type of updates are made in Q/D as more folks tune in, forgetting or missing an I/A thread was never made.
  2. I/A thread is started, and when questions are asked a Q/D thread quickly evolves.

I think it’s simply due to not having the number of people here yet as the forums start their first fire season. The default becomes defer to Q/D, unless an I/A exists. I think the madness will clear up and more I/A’s will pop up as more people come on board, covering more area either by radio or directly, and they get the “hang” of the forums.


That works… thank you