Initial Site Feedback


We’ve got it running in TestFlight which is Apples way to deploy apps for testing. After that, just some admin like creating icons and the requirements for the apple store. I’ll ask our dev to add you to the TestFlight today.


Ccosta108. I didn’t add you to TestFlight yesterday as we are wrestling with the push notifications in Testflight. And without push notifications, what’s the point, right?
We found a fixed a couple of possible issues and are rebuilding the app this morning. I’ll shoot it over if they start working.

Can you download the app TestFlight from the App store?
Also what model iPhone are you running?


8 Plus

Let me know if you need anything else. Also I have another user that is dialed and would be a help if you would like another opinion/tester


Boom! notification problem solved! Test flight incoming to the email that you registered with this forum.

I am going to invite a small group of moderators and RedZone staff and so we don’t get overwhelmed by feedback.


Sounds good. I’ll keep an eye out for it. Nothing yet


We are at the mercy of the Apple gods - waiting for them to bless the test.


Apple rejected our testflight submission (jerks). We fixed all the issues - apparently for external testers they want all the screenshots, descriptions etc for the app store to be completed. Not difficult but time consuming. It’s back in their queue as of 1 hour ago. This is my first time deploying an app so I am learning these lessons as we go.


Good things are worth waiting for


sound of gears turning painfully slow…


No TestFlight code yet correct?


No. Waiting for Apple to approve or reject


Thank you guys very much.
I know that it is an awful lot of work.
I know that you know it’s importance.
If I can help I would be happy to.

I would like to weigh in on the rules to a small extent.
I found the Nazi approach to “no questions” in the main thread while far less important information like “hot dog, strike team Xyyy-zzzzC finally got sent this fire” was accepted.
I don’t know exactly how you would do this but I think we would all be helped if you can find away to have a discussion area focused on fire intel and another discussion on tangential information.
I believe the tangential info is important to the fire community but it gets very hard to sort through in order to find the nuggets. Perhaps well formed/focus questions in the main thread would solve this…I don’t know.
Just trying to help bring out the value that your efforts can yield.
Thanks again,


I have a couple thoughts:

  1. Don’t forget about us Android users.

  2. IA notifications - I would love to have push notifications of new IA threads in my unit and surrounding units. Something like being able to select which units you get notifications for. I would even take notifications for all of Northern California, I just don’t want a gazallion Southern California notifications blowing up my inbox.

  3. I am loving the dark theme that is selectable. Good for saving power on OLED screens and less jarring to look at in the dark.

  4. I am with @Ballofire in that some very on topic questions may be appropriate in the IA thread, so that they don’t get lost among the tangents in Q&D.

  5. I am much more active here than I was in the hotlist, mostly because this board is quieter and I am trying to help establish it. It seems like we need more contributors. I’m not how to fix that issue.

  6. I like the choice of forum software, and I appreciate all the hard work it took to make this site happen.


An app is being worked on as we speak. That will allow for push notifications


App is live and you can get it without Testflight. I would like us to test before sharing widely. Specifically please test the push notifications.

We can compile this for Android and put it into the Google Play store. That will be another new experience for us!


So awesome.


Still trying to figure out how to get text notifications. I didn’t get that last MMU fire?

Guessing I’m missing something


That last fire wasn’t in IA, Maybe that’s the issue?


Ya weird. I want to turn off email notifications. But get notified via text for all new events.

I did get your last reply chaparral


Did you go through these steps starting with clicking Connect?