Initial Site Feedback


Yes on the first two pictures. I am not seeing the connect button on my phone


OK. What if you log out of the app. Then on the home screen, choose Skip and then login. Does that allow you to see the connect button? Maybe we can tweak when it’s shown.
I know that it can work because I got your reply via notification.


Still no connect button. I am getting text notifications for this conversation though. So it’s working. But not seeing the connect button. Is it just me?


I honestly don’t know what the connect button is used for. I assumed it was important but maybe not.


Ok. So I restarted the app. Then hit skip. Then logged in and now the connect button showed up. :man_shrugging:


Still not getting notifications. Hope it’s not just me.
I do seem to be getting notifications when you send messages in this general forum.

I have everything set to “watching”


can you confirm that you are “watching” the categories or threads for which you want push notifications?


I am.

Would you like my log in and password. Maybe see what I’m seeing?

Shoot as I’m writing I just got my first one. :).


did it start working reliably?


I think so. Not totally sure. Still keeping an eye on it. But I did start getting them. Just not sure about all of them. I’m keeping a close eye though


A “back” button would be useful to move back a single page, instead of having to go back to the main page. Unless I’m just not seeing it…


To help breakup the Initial information just like was done on the Hotlist, it would be nice to have the text split between bold and normal text. It is kinda tricks to read what it currently being posted.

You do this by starting and ending everything with ** and **


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: LNU
Fire name: Pawnee
Location: Clearlake oaks
Reported acres: 50-100
Rate of spread: not reported
Report on Conditions: 50-100 acres ordered a task force and 5 engines, multiple dozers
Structure threat: N/A
Resources: ordered a task force and 5 engines, multiple dozers
Radio channels: LNU- east-CSU tac 6
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


I concur! I actually read the 109 posts leading to this one, not wanting to be redundant. Here we are 2 from the end :smile:.


I just googled for hotlist down 6 days ago and was pleased to learn of all the work taking place to fill the void. Thanks everyone, could not have happened at a better time!


This was in referrence to Jhilliard’s idea for a BACK button.


GREAT job this weekend!

Thanks for all the solid posts from the users as well. Great to have a scanner person (or two) in here posting online radio feeds too.


Milehighbar is right. From out here it appears that things went really well and participation is picking up.
As I said, a week or so ago…I sure wish that people would limit post in the initial attack (main incident thread) to information about the incident (real fire Intel). And they would put their report of being dispatched to an incident in the discussion thread.
The Creek incident in SHU is an example of where we participants could do better. There are a few posts that have some intel but mostly reports of strike teams being committed. I for one would have appreciated more intel because it was hard to sort out what was important given the chaotic situation.
Thanks to all for a great start.


Maybe I overlooked him/her, but is that NWS weather person (I think from Ventura area, from, cant remember screen name) a member yet? We could use a colorful and descriptive Met such as he/her was.


Wx_guy is a member.


I’m still getting the hang of it, and maybe it’s how I have things laid out, or maybe I need to slow down when my backyard is on fire, but I feel it’s not as apparent if I’m in a Q/A thread vs IA thread. I think those of us here that know the drill will get it pretty quick, but when the general public starts to arrive like they did in the last year or two of the old site, we’re gonna have “any updates?” noise all over the place if it isn’t clear.