Initial Site Feedback


Just a quick note to say that Admin and Moderators are watching this thread and have been collectively talking about these issues. We are working on solutions and changes that you should see as time goes on.


Wx_guy that’s right. Good deal. I will look around more for his posts.


An observation…
When one goes into a thread (clicks in) at present we only see the last post.
I suspect that this is a counter-incentive to reading the previous posts in a thread.
I think it would be rather helpful if you could organize things to encourage reading what came before, both to inform and avoid repeats.
Thanks …Great Job.


When I come to the site I click the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner.

A little menu pulls down and a thing says “Unread”.

Click that and you see all the threads that have posts since last visit.

When I click on those, the first new post since I was here before shows up at the top of my screen and following posts are below it. The first post has a light blue background that quickly fades to white.

I say this site is working very nice and smooth even for my slow connection, and I like it a lot.


We were getting timeouts yesterday due to a load balance setting. We fixed it last night. Please report any 429 errors (or other error for that matter)


There is something I noticed missing from the guidelines…We need guidelines for incidents within incidents. We don’t want this site to be the source of unconfirmed information of a serious incident that media or friends and family of someone on the line receives. I remember how many people were checking for info during those hours of the yarnell fire.


At the same time though, do we want to not have any information, even after confirmation? That seems to be where we are now.


I’ve searched several of those terms in recent months hoping to find that the site was back, so i bet others have as well.

Welcome back!


Excellent work :+1:

Thank You very much for your efforts :pray: