IOS 13 - no bueno


Updated my iPhone to iOS 13. Now the app just starts spinning after it opens. For now I’m leaving my iPad as is. P


Works fine for me…just takes a little longer to load


Crap. Might be my iPhone 6?


iPhone SE / iPad Air 2 no problems.


Maybe, try giving it a good 45-60 seconds.


iphone 6S 13.1 no problems here. Sometimes, randomly and well before 13, it loads to a blank white screen. Just swipe-to-quit and then it relaunches just fine. I’ve found no pattern so far. Also for me, as soon as I start typing the text box and text blows up to like 400%. Rather annoying.

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Yes. I’ve had the extra large text on the iPad.


My (limited) understanding is that iPhone 6S plays well with 13.1. Not so, however, for the straight 6.