Keepin the Discussions On Topic


FOR ALL. Some comments lately have gone array.
If you feel remarks are “off topic”, please press on the 3 dots next to REPLY, it will say SHOW MORE. Under that category you can press the flag and send your thoughts to an Admin or Moderator for further review. We as Admin and Moderators try to see all the comments but some we do miss.
This site is for all of us to keep up on the incidents, lets keep it clean on ON TOPIC.


I understand the purpose of the site and agree with this sentiment but I wonder if the rules ought to be relaxed if there is very little traffic. Otherwise the site might just dry up and blow away since there will only be a couple fires worth discussing per week until it rains and then it’s over. Some activity better than none?

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isnt the point of the Q and A noted by the “?” after the incident name for asking questions? I made a statement about the laws in CA about fire protection after someone made a post saying the city could be sued for lack of resources and adequate response. I made an opinion on the city of calimesa decision to pull out of RVC Fire and my post is removed. I dont get that.


That did seem like discussion related to the incident, exactly the sort of thing that used to happen in Q&D. Maybe if it wandered off into a whole seperate discussion it would get moved to its own thread.

Maybe the D is getting forgotten as part of the Q & D threads?

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I’m Not referring to your specific post… but some of the “Q&D” are long rants toward government or agencies or individuals.
When the trash truck fire got into several posts about rate-payers, trash companies, and the state running that business… while the rants may be spurred by the specific fire at hand, when it trails off that far, it’s gone!
So then when everyone beside those 4 folks arguing check in, it shows new posts in the thread and we click and it is essentially a Facebook Rant room!
Sure, it’s kinda hard to tell, when is it getting off track enough to start a thread in the Sub-forum “Discussions”, and not continue in that specific fire’s Q&D thread? I get that if you respond to someone’s comment in another sub-forum, your reply may get lost. But we all need to take personal responsibility for this site and make that decision to NOT continue off topic. Post in the Discussion forum or just bite-it and don’t post. :man_shrugging:t3::+1:t3:


Folks. PLEASE Keep things civil, without individual name bashing etc. Personal agenda’s or statements may be addressed in private messaging. I would prefer to not have to delete more posts or close more topics. Remember those of us that facilitate organizing and refereeing said site…also have day jobs( in the weeds next to you)

Baby -sitting hijacked threads is very time consuming.

Thanks folks.
Contributions appreciated.
( Valid,necessary, and informational)


You guys keep deleting posts about keeping discussions out and keeping it only fire related. So obviously the new trend of this site is for opinions and discussions, and fire information will be withheld. Kind of like why the last site failed… You could have been deleting off topic posts to begin with instead of creating a whole new discussion board to bring up topics that you’re now deleting comments from.


The last site didn’t fail it was shutdown when the parent (firewhatinc) company shutdown.


Give it a break people. This has been an excellent site for meaningful intel and the mods are doing a good job of keeping on track :+1::us:


Welcome to the forum! You are incorrect about the cause of the loss of the original HOTLIST. I believe the Mods are doing everything they can to keep the threads fire related only thus they created this sidebar topic to readdress the issue of going off topic. There is not a willful withholding of fire information and to accuse the mods of that is pretty disrespectful IMO. This is still the best most up to date and relevant site out there for current fire information and instead of jumping on the mods for making attempts to make it better we should be supporting them in any way possible.


;my posts were deleted and I agree with the Mods that they were off topic. while I feel they needed to be said…just not where they were posted…we all need to stay foucased for this fire season is far from over. thanks for the Mods work.


Well, at least we’re not off topic here


I did find it relative and interesting that the WM policy is to not attempt to open and unload until a fire apparatus is present

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A Waste Management policy was pertinent fire information relating to initial attack effortsand resources? How? That policy from a corporation of trash collection is right up there with resource orders, AA#, Weather, ROS, evacuations, size-up, and predictions… I didn’t realize I was logging on to wildlandfireintel for trash truck policies and not wildland fire information.

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Ashhhhhhg! I’ll have a nice warm cup of STFU🙃


Resource Orders, AA#, Weather, ROS, Evacs, and Size up all belong in the IA thread. Out of that list, only Predictions belong in the ?? thread. Seems that leaves some room for the D in Q&D.

edit: I just opened an afternoon beer and sat down at the computer, jumping in this murky mess feet first. Crawling to the shore now…


Hey bud, you’ve had 2 posts on the forum so far and both have been snarky and unproductive. If you’re not happy with this forum you’re free to move along. This forum has been very helpful to many for some time now and while it’s not perfect it’s pretty damn good.


Two people are dead and scores of homes are destroyed. I personally think that a full understanding of what caused that, what can prevent it in the future, what could have changed with the response (mutual aid agreements, early ordering, etc) without blame casting is something that is incumbent upon responsible professionals to try to reach. That is wildfire information. And it’s much more valuable than another post asking about team activations or a random ST being assigned. (Before everyone gets mad I always check the team posts myself to see what’s going on, just trying to make a point about what is truly valuable to understand and what might be a lesser priority)


STFU is better ice cold and frothy


Mods, delete if you wish. But hey, I think it’s a good time to take a break and have dinner:+1: