Klamathon/Multiple Threads

Somebody correct me if I am not seeing this correctly. Klamathon had a Q&D started which looked a lot like an IA. It got merged into an IA thread. But there is also a continuing incident thread even though it is not yet 6 hours old and now there is no Q&D. I am confused.

Camera question was mine, was posting in Questions and it ended up in Continuing

Just noticed that

But the first “Question” one should’ve been left open to continue w/Questions

I made the QD post since I didn’t have enough clean details for an IA post yet, was fishing for more info. It got moved to the IA thread. I was a bit embarrassed as it wasn’t IA worthy - checked with the mod who merged it and they said it was a mistake when seeing two SKU posts at a quick glance, missing one was IA and one QD. Not sure if it will be reversed or… :thinking:

Probably growing pains with the new format and the categories aren’t quite “in your face” etc.


I missed that NorcalScan’s post was in Q and D, and assumed it was a second IA. I was in a hurry, and didn’t check before I merged the thread, I was dealing with my child at the same moment. I moved the new questions, back to the questions thread. I left Norcalscan’s post in the IA, and everything else should be right in the world.


Nice post Birken. I appreciate it not being a pissed off rant, and simply stated as confusion. All replies civil as well.
Just as the MODS are getting things tuned, so are the users. I accidentally posted a Q&D thread without the “??” after the end of the title, so it looked like an IA thread. It turned into an IA fire, so no harm, no foul. we’re all getting used to the format, and also big fire season is really just beginning. Even on the old site there was some discretion as to when was too early to start an IA thread.
All rambling done… let’s be patient with the site, mods, and users.


Yes, I have no reason to rant, it’s not my site nor do I pay for it. I just try to provide content that will be of value to the others and hence the site itself.

Once I got stomped on for posting a question in the IA thread on the old site and I deserved it and fully appreciate that. The old site had a more heavy handed mod approach than this one thus far and I think it fits the format to be heavy handed in the IA area. I have seen a lot of questions there this season yet.

But I am not complaining, just observing, again, not my site and I don’t pay for it.

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In my personal opinion (insert quote re:opinions) I’m happy with one thread per incident… whether ia or questions. I will read them all for all info. However I do understand a need for a more “official” thread, but aren’t there plenty of “official” sites out there? Like I said just my opinion. Thank you also for being less rigid than previous sites regarding the rules of IA /cont./&questions.

The problem with the old site was some members would post every time a vlat dropped or was on approach or is xxxx strike team assigned 14,000 times. Having a Q&D thread allows for more whos going, why are personnel being restricted to camp during off time, or other things not related to the fire fight.