Lessons Learned - Reading List


Here is a thread to share documents that advance firefighter learning, and help evolve our craft.

I just found this Lessons Learned document from the 2003 San Diego firestorms. Lots of good info about independent action vs. freelancing, communications, and on-the-fly tactics that is still plenty relevant 15 years later. LLCICT_SoCa_Final_Report_121903.pdf (561.3 KB)


Here’s another report from that year, there are several out there. You brining up a great point about free lancing vs. independent action/bias for action. That tactic is critical when command and control is nearly impossible.

This report from the agencies, some good stuff, some goofy stuff for media. Sift through some inaccuracy of it to see the conditions that presented some many challenges and how people on the ground got things done.