Looking for help with another .org (Always Remember)

Always Remember was developed and created by Mellie Coriell and Steve Myers with the help of J Benshoof, Joe McDonald and a lot of wildland firefighters. Always Remember is a website and database created as a memorial to fallen wildland firefighters but also serves as a place to share lessons learned from their passing.

RedZone.co is a wildfire technology company which also manages the non-profit responsible for wildfireintel.org. Currently, volunteer RedZone developers are handling the migration and redesign of the wlfalwaysremember.org website. Much of this process is complete but there are almost 800 LODD incidents that need to be proofread and edited to match the current format. The majority of this involves manually deleting some broken links and setting a featured image for each individual post.
Eventually, we hope to reach out to the wildfireintel.org community for moderators and authors who wish to help take on some of the responsibility of inputting any new incidents and improving the website. In the meantime, however, we are looking for volunteers who would like to help with the initial clean-up and editing of the migrated posts. If you are interested in helping in this endeavor, please contact aprell@redzone.co.


I’ve been having difficulty getting the page to load - blank screen. Is the migration process till in the works? perhaps the cause for a blank page?