Looking for Video of the Dixie and Caldor Fires.

As part of my continuing coverage of the Dixie and Caldor Fires on The Lookout website, I am soliciting video and photos of fire behavior, firefighting tactics, and any other interesting or newsworthy events. For the Dixie Fire, I am especially interested in seeing photos of key events like the several days leading up to Greenville burning, fire behavior after the fire spotted over Humboldt Road, fire behavior during large firing operations that went well, or didn’t, and fire behavior during the fire’s big run west of Chester.

For the Caldor Fire, I’m looking for videos of fire behavior when the fire entered fuel treatments, structure protection, dozers working, and firing operations around structures.

I’ll be using submitted video in wildfire education videos on our Youtube Channel, and also, as source material for articles on The Lookout. No anonymous submissions will be accepted - I need accountability to be able to confirm locations, dates, and times of anything I publish, but we can your identity confidential. By submitting material, you are giving me permission to use your material for commercial use. I’ll give attribution if you want it. Send me a PM for a Dropbox link.


Does anybody know where I can get my hands on the great video from the Type 1 strike team that got up close and personal with crown fire along County Raod A-21 north of Westwood on 8/12/2021? It was on YouTube but got pulled down. Want to use it for a video I’m doing on forestry and the Dixie Fire, can keep sources anonymous. DM for a Dropbox link.