Mando Face Coverings CalFire


Just saw an email, guess there will be a little more social distancing practices at the stations…

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Good luck with that

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Had to have face masks at base camp on Crews. Only 3 to table. Wanted crews to eat at rigs. Briefing over tac. That was nice. Everyone could hear and complete needed morning tasks.


Was at Crews and many times saw large groups eating together. I only used the eating area closer to ICP and didn’t even realize there was a second eating area on the other side of camp until almost the end. It’s definetly going to be difficult this season trying to get everyone to adhere to the guidelines. Many times I left the trailer and had to go back for my mask…just kept forgetting to grab it.


Really??? Why?? What? When? How? With? WhooM??


Bet you didn’t get dirty though. lol


Nobody gets dirty when you work in the comm unit…lol


Be SAFE Brother!

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