Mexico Fire ?


Lots a black smoke laying out to the coast south of San Diego this morning?


Large commercial Structure fire in TJ


Thanks. Looked a little more ominous this morning


Does TJ/Mexico ever ask for Mutual Aid/Engines on a fire such as this or do they have the resources to handle it. Living in the Motherlode I have always wondered about fires on the Boarder Towns?

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I am not aware of any either wildland or structure but it’s possible Much of their equipment is second hand US


Copy, Thanks…


SD doesn’t send anything across unless it’s deemed a threat. I know many years back, Mexico asked CF for assistance in one of their state parks that they couldn’t get under control; CF ended up sending ten type 3s for a week to assist. On a busy season, MVU will cross the border about half a dozen times. I havent ever seen MX ask for assistance with calls such as large commercial structure fires etc as they have a robust of engines.


Large commercial fires are common in TJ during the holiday season. No one knows why… just a strange coincidence…kinda

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Just a curiosity question. When they cross is it code or do they have to stop each way for border checks? I’m guessing they stop but like FFviking said…way out of my area.


The bi national agreement allows both countries to enter each other if a fire is deemed a threat to each others country up to 1 mile from the border.

We have to enter and exit through a POE. We also have to be cleared by CSR to lay hose into Mexico. This year we sent a strike team into Tecate to assist.

I went on a strike team south of Ensenada to the National park called San Pedro Martir back in 2005. That was a Governor to Governor request.


While their resources are limited compared to US they are pretty damn good with what they have. I just wish they’d pull the radios when sending equipment south of the border :us:


San Diego has had a binational agreement with Bomberos TJ for many years, and was just recently renewed. In the 70’s and 80’s San Diego sent Engines and water tenders to their greater alarm fires but haven’t in the last 20 years since TJ has dramatically improved their training and equipment. Bomberos TJ has really motivated and competent firefighters and they train and work hard. They always impress me.


Thanks for all the insight on this topic. Found it interesting…….