MMU Fire News

I’m sure there are other ways to check this out but I was looking at it for my work (Sierra News Online) and we posted @16 fires in MMU on my FB group (Mountain Fire and Emergency) in July including #WashburnFire, #AguaFire and #OakFire

Just a side note we’ve added @1000 new members this month to bring us up to @25k.

Not trying to start a social media “discussion”… Lol… Just interesting to me and maybe some of you.

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You have a pretty active and well managed Facebook group that I enjoy and find useful, we’re lucky to have a number of the well informed groups in our area.


So true! We definitely have some great groups!

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It feels like a lot of fires in an area… Doesn’t mean it is just MMU though. I haven’t been able to follow other areas much this year.

We haven’t had many fires down here in Fresno county, now that I have said that we’ll probably have a bunch.

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Ugh sorry! TCU has had a few but not that many either.

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