Mobile App Issues?


Having issues with the Mobile App launching fine once, then subsequent attempts to launch result in what looks to be an extended upload process.

I delete the app, reinstall, then open - same deal. Works perfectly the first time, the goes wonky.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Perhaps the tech bubs are aware and workin’ on it?


Edit: Phone is a iPhone X running iOS v13.4.1 (if it matters)


You’re lucky that you get it to launch. On my end it simply just loads indefinitely and then crashes on my iPhone 7+.

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Same here, just the spinning wheel of death. It won’t load at all.


Same issue here.


Seeing the issues, maybe I don’t want to know, but where/what is the app?

Running Android if that matters.



Huh… I was just saying, today, that it’s loading way faster than last year. And I turned on notifications… which seem to be working too. iPhone with Verizon


Yup ive just given up on app launch and book marked it in chrome on my iphone.

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Same here…deleted app off my phone and is just bookmarked under Safari now

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For some reason, it works just fine in both Safari &