Move up and Cover Thread 2018


Use this area for discussion on movement of equipment throughout the state.



OK, I just heard Placer tone out one OES engine to move up to the Bank Street hotel in grass valley as part of 4114A, preposition. At least I think that was the strike team number.

What is the purpose of this preposition?


I would assume it is precautionary due to the the red flag warnings.

New Start in Grass Valley?

Any thoughts on why they’d (OES333) would be called immediate need just for station coverage?


Maybe someone with enough clout to influence such decisions got nervous… just a guess…


The red flag isn’t even for the low country where the houses are, it is for the mountains. I suppose it could be to cover Truckee/Tahoe and yet not be too isolated from the rest of the state.

It’s not station coverage, the stations are all staffed around here to the best of my knowledge.


It appears to be a Pre Positioning assignment to the XED, similar to the one last month to the XPL. XSA sent 3 T1 OES up there tonight, not sure who is filling out the rest of the order.

Things are a little thin in the XSA right now since we just sent 2 Swift Water Teams to Hurricane Florence, on top of the 18 engines and 16 misc overhead that are out.

Stay Safe


that a boy, get some… quite the change in XSA…


If Winters was dispatched as “immediate need” then I would expect that it was an oops in dispatch because I know 334 was dispatched as planned need. The strike team is Grass Valley, South Placer, Roseville, Winters, and one other that I didn’t catch. It also has OES WT-42 attached to it as a single resource from Nevada County. Grass Valley Capt Bundy is the STEN


9330C from MVU enroute to cover BDU


Believe it was Woodbridge-383


For many years, CAL FIRE has had a mechanism to up-staff and/or move- up resources in advance of predictable events. Although local government makes up >80% of resources on major incidents, there has not been a means to pre-position LG resources. A coalition was established after the Tubbs Fire to modernize the Mutual Aid System. More info can be found at:


This was pre-position for Nevada County, OES 4814 A assigned.


Any chance you could cite your source for this?


Are there any other counties pre-positioning or pre-deploying strike teams today? XCC has a pre-assembled Charlie ST who is “covering” in county…


OES type 3 S/T in Yolo today


They are moving a S/T of the OES T-3’s from Sacramento to Woodland? What is that going to gain maybe a
45 minutes to an incident on the west side of the valley? Does not seem to be the most fiscally sound move IMHO.

CNR Weather

45 min is huge if you just need a few more engs


Correct me if I’m wrong, a pre-positioned strike team is available to roll code 3 within 3 minutes of dispatch. Pretty much the same as an engine rolling out of the bay from tone-out. A pre-positioned team is now already formed up as a team, all 5 engines and the STL in one location, and positioned strategically, in this case outside of Sac Metro traffic and in a spot where it can instantly commit to I5, 505, 80, 20, 99.