MT-FHA. Niarada

State ID: MT
3 letter designator:FHA
Fire name: Niarada
Location: Hwy 28 west of Browns Meadows Rd
West of last years Elmo Fire
Reported acres: original report was 5 acres under heavy west wind
Rate of spread: critical
Report on Conditions: fire is much larger now with multiple spots fires and several primary residences threatened

Several new starts in the general area today resources will be strained
Structure threat: Yes
Resources: unk ground resources, 18 Jumpers, VLAT, several rotor wing, Multiple seats and scoopers
Weather: temps upper 90’s, RH 10-15%, Winds sustained 30 mph out of West, Area is under Red Flag
Radio channels:
Scanner link: Lake County Montana Live Audio Feeds
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Now reported over 1000 acres and pushing East
Starting IA For fires in Ronan


Still burning east toward and into the Elmo burn from last year and unburned fuel to the north. Lots of reburn potential in there


IR flight was not done due to high demand. Estimated perimeter this morning was 5000 acres and 0% containment . Just going off heat signatures most of that was grass but it has made the high ground on both sides of the Hwy 28. It is still on reservation land but a direct threat to state and private land to the north. (not to mention one of my hunting spots :-1:). Also a potential threat to residents of Lake Mary Ronan. Forecast for today is low 90’s with RH in the high teens and lower winds. The fire is out of the light fuels and into heavier brush and timber models. Except to see fuel and terrain driven runs as we move into the burning period.
4 other large fires in the area will be in competition for air and ground resources
**winds are difficult to forecast in the area given the lake and mountain influence


No evening report on size. Still burning activity on both sides of hwy28 in steep county and heavy fuels. Burning in a WNW direction. Still appears to be on reservation land.
The Mill Pocket Fire 3 miles east of the Niarada fire is burning West with terrain. 1400 acres


13686 acres and still chugging away on the south fork of the fire south of Hwy 28. Fire is still very active and is steep remote county
Depending on how the weather shakes out the next few days it could be a threat to communities to the East
Northern Fork appears to be holding after a firing operation. Heck of a stop there