MT-HDC Needles

Curious to hear from somebody on the Woods Creek Fire being managed by the Southern Red Team. Wondering why MT-HDC listing-000412 has been scrubbed from Helena Interagency Dispatch Center’s online WildCAD. Needles only posted three ICS-209s before it disappeared from the IMSR. I would like to know what happened out on the Galt Ranch on August 6th and why there is an active effort to sweep that fire, widely reported as human-caused, under the rug, it’s name never to be spoken again by the Southern Red IMT. One would think, in the interest of potential cost recovery, that there would be separate cost records for the Needles Fire, but I’m guessing everyone is charging to the Woods Creek Fire (which was lightning-caused) Looks like somebody with connections (like maybe one of the largest landowners in Montana) went rogue with a burnout that went bad and wasn’t known to the IMT managing the fire. They then scrubbed maps from the ftp site for August 8th, dispatch scrubbing incidents from WildCAD. Whassup Helena?

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