Multiple Wi fires

Multiple fires burning under Re Flag Conditions

1st fire on 20th st just West of Necedah. At least 30 acres and 4 structures lost. Adams County.
Blackhawks on scene dropping. 80 acres Type 3 IMT activated updated

2nd fire on Fort McCoy in Monroe County at least 1000 acres. MABAS box to the 3rd. Worried about it coming off the fort into the state forest.
Talk on scanner of closing I94
Military has command

If anyone is an post the scanner links that would be great as I cannot


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Fort Fire,evacuations now taking place on Arcadia road.

Showing up VERY well on Satellite


Fort McCoy fire still pushing to the NE flames visible on traffic camera.

probably 2 miles east of Arcadia road by now which was crossed about 3 hrs ago

Still extreme fire behavior. There will be multiple structures lost.

Necedah fire controlled at about 120 acres burned through the airport. Multiple structures destroyed.

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Chose to go ahead and burn even though the spot forecast said it was a bad idea.

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2980 acres.


100% contained as of 16:00 CDT 3198 acres. Approx 200 of that off the base in the NE corner.

Investigation as to why the decision to burn on going.
Fort has had issues with this in the past.


4 to 8 inches of snow on Sunday night should put this completely to bed