NEU - PG&E fire prevention power outage


Residents along the Foresthill Divide are being notified that power will be shutdown to reduce fire risk. Time for implementation not identified probably after allowing time for notifications. Generator ready.


Question is once the restart them will the down lines start fires


Just got a call south of Placerville they are shutting us off soon. Not even windy here.


Portions of Napa County are being shutdown.


Damned if they do
Damned if they don’t

SDG&E been doing it last 2 years and it works just fine. Most starts have been motor vehicle origin


PG E is making a political statement and we are caught in the middle. Just got the call here in upcountry Amador county and there is no wind yet. I believe they may be opening up a real can of worms.


They’ve learned to inspect and test the lines before re-energizing. Politics be damned if a shutdown prevents a replay of 2017.



The public in general is not willing to pay the cost of undergrounding their requested service and the PUC requires the utility to provide it. Let the PUC pay for the cost of these fires


No fan of greedy Utilities or their “C-suite” people who are paid obscene amounts of money. But you have the facts straight, rate payer don’t want to cover under-grounding. Burying the lines is the obvious answer not just relative to fire but even in regard to maintenance.


Damned if they do and damed if they don’t. That is so appropriate, if P G and E decides to turn off power we are upset, but if they don’t and a fire kicks off they are money hungry animals and the fire community is out for blood. Seriously, with the winds predicted, isn’t it a good idea to remove that source of ignition?


Yes. It’s the responsible thing to do for the rate payer. And much of the stock is owned by the public


Also for the public as far as reducing the chance of a fire. Thank You.


And Safeway is pumped because 70k people are going to have to go grocery shopping tomorrow after their fridge turns off for the night.


If there is a better non-mobile page I don’t know of it.

I see a few “unknown” outages in the NEU area and a few purposeful ones near Clear Lake.


A friend of mine is a PGE troubleman and he said they well have to visually inspect all lines before re-energizing them.


PGE was warning beforehand it could be 3-5 days to re-energize due to inspection etc. They are in full force this morning getting patrols in the air and on ground for inspections.


I don’t think SDG&E has been turning off power to residences. Have they? I have heard of some turning off high power transmission lines, without any opposition, but this is putting thousands of people, businesses and traffic lights in the dark.


Yes SDG&E turns power off to residences. They have communicated this to all and it’s up to you to have whatever alternate source you feel you need. I am not aware of any starts from the HV transmission lines only the distribution lines


The power went off at 2120 hrs Sunday night in Volcano, Amador County. By midnight the wind was blowing like hell down our little valley. We have a generator, so no problem coping at our place. Likewise all my 1/2 dozen neighbors.
By approx 1500 hrs Monday the power was back on in “downtown” Pinegrove, just over the hill from us. Approx 1630 hrs Monday the PGE helicopter was overhead assessing the lines running through our valley. As of 2100 hrs Monday still no power here on Barone Rd.
No problem for us. But lots of small businesses without the means to install generators will undoubtedly take a big economic hit.
We got robo calls from PGE 48 and 24 hours ahead warning of the potential shutdown. The last call we got came approx 2 hours before actual shutdown saying “… has or will be shutting off the power…”.
Undergrounding is the true solution, but corporations will always choose the cheapest solution so as not to decrease profits for their shareholders. Trimming trees and cutting power is the cheap and easy way.