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#NV #Wildfire Stats 2022
#DodgeSpringsFire | 5,664 | 98%
#BeckyPeakFire | 5,989 Ac. | 100%
#GoshuteFire | 1,966 Ac. | 90% | Local Monitor
#KinsleyFIre | 3,209 Ac. | 100% | Inactive
#WildCatBAER| Burned Area Emergency Response on scene

#NVWildFire #NVFireWX

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The rain of this event may pose a higher flood threat to western NV than previous events due to the warmer forecasted temperatures. Walker River appears to be ripping along (possibly some pre-emptive action there?), Carson City, Reno and Washoe Lake, and the Truckee River west of Lake Pyramid. Pineapple Express is swinging for the fences. I might suppose these watches would be more constrained if it was colder. Dew points have probably nose dived in areas on the map like the receding waterline on a beach right before the wave crashes. Stay hydrated. And that’s the name of that tune. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This article from the Record Courier (dated Mar 2) has some discussion by local NWS and Fire Chiefs about issues in the Carson, Walker and Truckee river basins. The upshot seems to be that, like some areas in CA, there is relatively poor upstream sequester, leading to rapid flooding at lower elevations.

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