New C205 in Vina


I’ve seen the new Firehawk at Vina a few times flying around with 205 1.0 but I haven’t seen it in a while. Does anyone know when they’re due to bring it in permanently?


I think they do BHOS on it in July.


I saw it on Flightradar24 last week doing training missions out of MCC


It was doing some training drops on the Hunter Fire last week in MMU. Pretty impressive.

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Friday afternoon “four eight five delta fox” was in quarters Vina. Copter 205 (490DF) was up on VMP standby in SHU. They both are on the pad Vina today. More training? Final transition with 490? We’ll know soon enough. While I can’t wait to have that beast in my backyard, I’m gonna miss the 2 minute warning of the Huey blade slap as they rush low overhead to the fire.



I believe this is the new 104 headed to MCC



It’s the new 404


Great catch! Room for 482, 486, 487 and 492DF. I wonder if it ferried over as Experimental or not.


Pics on United Rotorcrafts FB page… it’s carrying the N484DF… doesn’t say “experimental” anywhere on it that I can see…


Yeah I just saw the FB post it is 404