New fire in SHU?


NEU is sending an Immediate need ST to SHU. Any intel??


According to MODIS this morning, there are some fairly significant hits in an orchard area north of Orland, south of Corning but I don’t know what could be burning there.


Might be burn piles of orchard brush


Was it BTU? There is a fire in Upper Bidwell park- about 20 acres.


The BTU fire is the only thing on my radar here too. Started late last night; a huge crew show due to the remote access. The Orland/Capay MODIS hits are ag burns. Plenty of new lingering smoke that direction also at sunrise this morning, made me go see if something new started in the upper sierras. I wonder if the immediate need strike team was for crews or engines?


I saw a New Fire in SKU . Sounded as Burning Brush and Timber, higher RH’s last night tho


Yes SHU sent a strike team to SKU, NEU was a cover for shasta