New fire?


On the Merrill rd cam


On hobron hill cam


General area so we know which cam to look at ?


Most likely the Crooks VMP that is being performed as part of a C-234 class in the Groveland/Big Oak Flat area of TCU.

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Looks like there is a small fire, in TCU that is quickly being put down. Some drift smoke on the Hobron Hill cam.

As a side note, there is a severe delay in the Sierra Foothills camera set, perhaps due to bandwidth issues with the amount of people watching the Briceburg


Link to news article.


Ok Gang. When posting PLEASE don’t just put down “NEW FIRE” this site covers a large area. If I reported a NEW FIRE on I-5, you might want to know if it was in L.A. or Redding.


For me all morning the Alert cams have been updated within a minute, usually within :05 - :25 seconds.