OTC-2019-07_RFC 2016 RADO.pdf (45.2 KB)

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i took this in march 2019. is that good? who checks this stuff?


It will be a requirement on your red card but who’s going to check it I have no idea for this year

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We would have to need RADOs somewhere in order to figure out who might check it. But it seems fire season has been cancelled this year lol.

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THERE IS NO REASON FOR THAT BAD LANGUAGE HERE! It’s only August, there is still time.
But I have no idea where their going to get RT-130 this late in the season.


I know in our department and county, we have always recieved the RT-130 refresher every year through our online Target Solutions. So the new RADO’s in our county already get the RT-130 before fire season starts becase everyone gets it regardless. Again, I can only speak for my county, but if our county lets a person go out as a single resource, then it means they meet all the requirements, we don’t do red cards and so far has only been an issue on a few ocassions over the years. I think in the 12 years I’ve been going out, I’ve only been asked twice on fed incidents if I had a red card, and didn’t seem to be an issue that I didn’t. If you’ve taken RT-130 at all this year, then you’re good until next year. Just keep some kind of proof that you took it just in case. I think it’s your op area’s job to make sure everyone going out has it.

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Weak moment lol. You’re right it’s onky August

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Is it time to open the annual End of Fire Season thread?:sunglasses:

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We haven’t even opened the start of fire season thread yet lol

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