Nirops aircraft.


N40Y(beech huron)is a contract(?) ship used for mapping and air coordination. N144Z(Cessna citation) and N149Z(beech 200) are usfs nirops platforms.
Both seem to spend a good bit of time at Fresno. N149Z was at Fresno yesterday then mapped the taboose fire after N40Y was there. N149Z was enroute to Medford after that.

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I’m curious - do Cal Fire OV-10s (originally obtained from BLM) have IR thermal imaging capabilities that the NIROP ships do?


I don’t think calfire ov 10s have the same capabilities as nirops.

N40Y is AA51, 51 used to be n47tt from lonaire flying service. Both are night ops aircraft.


Completely different equipment and operational use for all 3 aircraft.

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No they do not. Would be nice if they did. AA-330 out of Ramona did have a video camera, which was a test platform with the SD Sheriff’s office and the county. No longer in operation.


Does AA-507 & AA-509 (Fire Watch Cobras) have night flying and thermal imaging capability? Does one of them still call Lucky Peak Helibase on the on the BOF home?


The Cobras dont do night missions that im aware of. They definitely have IR with an awesome imager with overlays. Down south we use the AA51 for night missions.

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Interesting, watching N-40Y loitering over the PNF-Walker, and now the SHF-South and identifying as “Firewatch 51” as opposed to Air Attack 51. I’ve only heard the firewatch nomenclature with the two cobras.


Firewatch 51 is the day pilot doing observations and incident reporting - Air Attack 51 is the night time air attack


I understand when the Cobras are utilized as an air attack platform they’re identified as “Air Attack 507 (or 509).”
Does anyone know where AA-509 is based out of?


Last I heard 507 and 509 were based out of Redding. Though it would not surprise me if they’re moved to McClellan or SOPS as needed


Are the Cobras national or R-5 funded aircraft?


Good question. Got word today that AA51 going 24 hour coverage for a month pilot program.


Must be two pilots assigned 12 hour coverage, since each cannot exceed a 14 hour duty day.

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