NM-MEA-Soldier Canyon


Soldier Canyon (NM-ADC-MEA): 4 ac. Loc 1 mi. N of Mescalero, NM (33.1711, -105.7683). 2 Airtankers, 2 IHCs (Valyermo, Smokey Bear) ordered via ROSS.


Soldier Canyon (NM-ADC-MEA): 200 ac. 2 SEATs, 1 Air Attack, 1 IHC ordered via ROS


Soldier Canyon (NM-ADC-MEA). SWA Type 1 IMT (Pierson, IC), 1 Buying Team ordered via ROSS


Soldier Canyon (NM-ADC-MEA). 2 Air Attack, 5 IHC’s (Plumas, Little Tujunga, Millcreek, Union, Flathead) ordered via ROSS.


Status: The Soldier Canyon Fire is burning on BIA, Mescalero Apache north of the town of Mescalero, NM. The fire is 2554 acres and is burning in ponderosa pine and mixed conifer fuels. A Type 1 Incident Management Team has been ordered and will arrive tomorrow. There is a mandatory evacuation in place for Blank Canyon, White Mountain subdivision, Windy Point and Shadow Ridge. The evacuation site is Mescalero Community Center. Highway 70 will be closed at Highway 244 and mile marker 228 at the water tank in Tularosa beginning at 5:30am on June 8, 2018.


Soldier Canyon (NM-ADC-MEA). 1 VLAT, 1 Lead, 1 Air Attack, 1 T3 Helo, 1 T2IA Crew ordered this morning.