Not referred for GS-3 positions in California


Really upset about this. I am a college student with landscaping work experience, was an athlete all through out high school. I’m also first aid, ICS-100, S-110, and IS-700 certified. Passed a couple natural science classes in college. I have a gpa less than a 2.7, maybe that is why? The engine captains I talked to were interested in me and encouraged me to apply and get keep in touch. Just not sure what went wrong in the process


Couple questions… Do you have S-190? That’s a critical part of the basic firefighter package. Did you upload your certificates, transcripts, and resume into USAJobs? Did you receive an e-mail indicating the non-referral? Generally, this means you did not pass basic quals at the ASC level, the lack of S-190 would be the reason. You can call Albuquerque and they will send you verification as to why you did not qual.

These days, captains and chiefs have little say in the hiring scheme so be sure to not place blame on them.