strong heat signature on satellite as of 3:40 pm 8/21/19. Here is latest spot:

Sierrra front reported 60 acres around 1:46 pm this afternoon.

Visible in Bald Mountain NV cam


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Any updates would be greatly appreciate. Is it burning towards the estates or away from?

Sierra Front Dispatch now says 800 acres. I have no idea what direction its burning. You can watch on the web cam link. Satellite still shows a lot of heat.

From wildcad for resources on scene:
AA-0CP B3362 B3363 B5120 B621 BC 11 BC 3901 BC 3908 BC 441 BMHS DIV 2 ESC1 ESC3 HEL 402 HEL 405 HTender 1 SLIDE MT T-163 T-830 T-879

440 acres 40% contained.

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