New start, Carson Valley, east side. Info in Sierra Front Wildcad.
Bald Mtn Cam:

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Weather in the valley at Fish Springs: 92F, humidity 19%, winds 15, gusts to 25.


From the top of Kingsbury Grade at the Ridge condos:


250 acres per the CAD.

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NV-CCD is the unit.
Wildweb has it at 250 acres, with the following resources:
AA-0CP B3363 B621 BC 3908 BC 442 ESC2 H-403 H-405 OV B3131 PTL 723 T-839


AA advised IC 1700 acres with the potential for 8000 acres.

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Making a big push right now.


From my buddies porch in Minden @ about 1730 he’s directly in line with the Ridge Cam

Edit: He was drinking a Frosty one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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2500 acres 5% contained.