Larger header on Easter side of sierras below Tahoe.


CA TNF??? 2020

From camp Richardson


Any calfire resources assigned


Doesn’t look like it…the only CA resources are OES T3 from XSA, LG T3 from XNE and XSJ and a couple of single increment TMU engines.


…and XED 4076C.


yep…missed them in the list…tx

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XNE sent a type 3 strike team just after midnight on Tuesday morning.


Just saw AEU Strike Team and C404 flying


XPL hasn’t punched anything out LG that I know of, maybe an order for it?


Is this fire any threat to South Lake Tahoe. I own a rental home on the lake.


Oh absolutely not


There’s No more CalFire resources , they were released the next morning after the IA part of the fire. Theres some TMU , ENF engines ,and a mixed Eldorado County strike team. For C404 im pretty sure that was the NDF ship , there painted the same colors.


smoke on Alert’s seem to show a diminished it fire activity(some what) relative to 20K plus acres???


It’s what that high desert terrain does. Light grass and sparse brush and usually windy. Rips through thousands or 10’s of thousands of acres in a day, then can be hardly smoldering the next day.