State ID:NV
3 letter designator:CCD
Fire name:Perry
Location:Perry and Grass valley
Reported acres:200
Rate of spread:
Report on Conditions:
Structure threat:
Resources:B312 B3324 B3334 B3335 B3366 BC 3903 BC 3904 BC 442 DIV 51 ESC1 ESC3 HEL 402 HEL 403 HTender 1 HTender 2 WT5181
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:http://www.alertwildfire.org/tahoe/firecams.html
Agency Website:


Showin up nicely on satellite


Fire was 11,200 acres per Sierra Front.


Great Basin T2 Roide will be taking the fire tomorrow. 18,000 acres now.


BLM updated, 25,600 acres and moving…


42,400, fire was active overnight. Roide’s team took over the fire this morning. This should be moved to the ‘continuing incidents’ area.


Fire is hitting the ridge near Virginia Peak. Good visibility from the Virginia Peak fire camera:



Flames may be impacting radio towers shortly. Helo’s are currently making drops on the flame front.


Great stop… This is from this morning’s webcam.


Called it 100% contained Sunday 8/5; final acres @ 51,944

“no further growth expected; perimeters holding, minimal interior smokes”
Command transferred back to local incident command Monday 8/6; (Great Basin T2-Team 4, heading out)