NV-ECFX-South Sugarloaf


63847 acres, Great Basin Team T2 Rohrer assigned. Timber, brush and grasslands, structures and communication sites, Sage Grouse and other wildlife threatened.


Over 80,000 acres now, State Highway 225 is closed between Wildhorse and Owyhee.



120,243 acres, 20% containment. Major spread towards Mountain City and Wildhorse reservoir. Hwy 225 is still closed.


200,692 acres. Jumped 225 and is headed east at about 10 miles per hour. Entire Mountain City and Jarbridge Forest districts are closed and evacuations are in place east to Jarbidge. 209 was not published this evening, so the fire is bigger by now. Massive loss of some of the best wildlife habitat in Nevada.


There I was. Looking at the alertwildfire cameras in NV. Saw the Goshute fire on Spruce MTN cam( which did weird stuff today…like backed into 10-15 mph wind ALL day and didn’t go anywhere :scream:) then I see the Jacks peak cam…lat long x referance, Google maps and Earth…long story long… here’s the South Sugarloaf inc.
( I think)…Way south from last posts location.
Jack’s peak cam

*Edit- also if you press and hold on the large camera view, it will allow time lapse of various times.+12 hrs


98% contained at 233,462 acres, forest closures have been lifted, monitored by local unit due to large internal islands.