NV-HTF-???(HunterCreek area)


State ID:NV
3 letter designator:HTF
Fire name:-??? (none given in Sierra Front wild web)
Location:SE of Hunter Creek drainage which is SW of Reno Sierra Front lists as 39 27.570, -119 53.034
Reported acres: perhaps an acre or more
Rate of spread:moderate
Report on Conditions:establish column of smoke mid-slope on the NE facing slope in timber (Ponderosa)
Structure threat: not at this time
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:http://www.wildcad.net/WCNVSFC.htm


Definitely building. Wind and slope aligned even if it in the NE facing slope. Access will be slow. Now air assets yet but they would have a clean shot at the fire.


39 27.570, -119 53.034
Resources responding:
AA-0CP, B413 (HTF Type 4 Engine), B5160 (NDF Type 6 Engine), H-14HX (Type 3 Helo), HEL 402 (NDF Type 2 Helo), HEL 403 (NDF Type 2 Helo), BC11, PTL 715, PTL 716.

Nothing on the sierra front media page yet:

Possible scanner (not sure if it does USFS freqs or not):

edit: it doesn’t sound like that scanner is picking anything from this up.


Visible on the Babbitt Peak, NOAA Reno, Peavine Peak, and Virginia Peak Cams.


View from Mill Street in Reno. 1000 hrs.


20 acres


I appears that the fire topped one ridge, traversed a drainage and is working up the next ridge. Wind is still ENE and slope aligned.

There is no HTF-feed on broadcastify. Unfortunately.


T-912 and T-16 enroute…


Per Sierra Front, this is the Evans fire, 35-80 acres


Fire is reaching the top of that second ridge. There is a little bit of a flat past that ridge.
There are spots out in that flat.


Wind is trying to change to the afternoon Washoe Zypher westerly direction.


Fires do have a strong tendency to run hard downhill in the afternoon there. Hope everybody is heads up.


A couple camera views of the fire.http://www.alertwildfire.org/tahoe/firecams.html


60 acres. Inciweb page up:

Updated resources from WildCad:
AA-0CP, AA-8TM, B413, B5160, BattleBorn, BC 11, BC 441, BMHS, ESC1, H-14HX, HEL 402 HEL 403, HTender 1, HTender 2, NDF Chase1, PTL 715, PTL 716, SLIDE MT, T-895


200 acres, if the washoe zephyrs surface it’ll push hard downhill