NV-HTF-Voltaire (was CCD)


State ID:NV
3 letter designator:HTF
Fire name:Voltaire
Location:Voltaire Canyon southwest side of Carson City, NV. South of C Hill above Fandango Casino
Reported acres: Sierra front lists it at 5 acres at initial size-up (20:02 hrs. two hours ago) significantly larger from McClellan camera view
Rate of spread:moderate
Report on Conditions:Fuels are grass and sagebrush, appears to be wind driven
Structure threat: voluntary evacuations are beginning along the west side of Carson from www.KOLOtv.com
Resources:4007 B315 B317 B3361 B3362 B3665 B5120 B5121 BC 12 BC 14 BC 442 BC 511 DIV 1 DIV 51 ESC1 ESC4 PTL 715 SSHS WT5181
Weather: typical western NV Zypher
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link: http://www.alertwildfire.org/tahoe/firecams.html McClellan
Agency Website:http://www.sierra-front.net/current-information/media-and-incident-information


From the McClellan camera one can see that the fire is well established and moving up the mountain as well as being blown into Carson. Current wind SW in the 10-15 mph range. RH is 35% Tomorrow the temperature should reach the low 90s and the winds will be stronger.
This is the same general area as the Waterfall Fire (2004??) which made runs down into Carson for several days.
The fire up the hill is not going to be extinguished tonight.


Sierra Front wildweb has it at 800 acres in sagebrush and grass.
Resources: 4007 B315 B317 B3362 B3665 B5120 B5121 B5160 BC 14 BC 3902 BC 442 BC 511 DIV 1 DIV 51 ESC1 ESC3 ESC4 PTL 715 SSHS WT5181

It hasn’t showed up on the Sierra Front current incidents oage yet, but it may today:

@Ballofire, you mentioned the Waterfall fire, which was a little before my time, but I have heard stories about it. I have linked to a video below from the Waterfall fire, when Carson City fire lost a heavy rescue rig:

RGJ has an article on the Voltaire fire this morning (along with a potential cause):

KOLO 8 has a new report this morning with video:

Edit 2:
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and Carson City Fire in Unified Command. Assisting agencies include BLM CCD, East Fork Fire, NDF, Truckee Meadows Fire, and North Lake Tahoe Fire.

Edit 3:
Another news report with video:

Sierra Front Type 3 may be taking this.


Inciweb updated for this incident:

500 acres, 15% contained.
39.14 latitude, -119.783 longitude

Spot weather forecast from last night:
HUMIDITY…Min 10-13%.
WIND - 20 FOOT…Upslope 3-6 mph becoming west to southwest 15 to
20 mph with gusts around 30 mph after 1300.

Could get “sporty” with those winds this afternoon. Heads up.


Current Resources as per wildweb:
4007 AA-0CP B317 B3334 B3362 B3665 B5120 B5121 B5160 BC 14 BC 3902 BC 442 BC 511 DIV 1 DIV 51 ESC1 ESC3 ESC4 HEL 402 HEL 403 PTL 715 PTL 716 WT5181

Edit: Link to SFIDC twitter:


Is this the same fire and smoke now showing on the Leek Springs Camera?


@go2evryfyr I am not sure, but I would guess not. Looking at the map, it is quite a distance with some hills in between. There is not much smoke showing on the McCllean Peak cam this morning, but quite a bit of fresh looking black. Mostly in grass.


The smoke on Leek Springs camera is definitely not the Voltaire fire. The camera is not pointed toward Carson City. This little thing has a little bit of spread to it. I wonder if it is an Rx. Should be on the El Dorado.


Unfortunately ENF and Camino dispatch don’t have a wildweb page. I think they use a different CAD.


Inciweb was just updated. 504 acres, 15% contained.

HTF Twitter:


Looks like the Tahoe sent both shot crews and a couple engines also.


KOLO8 reporting that the voluntary evacuations are lifted in the Clearview Street area, and for the Indian Colony on Curry and Rhodes Streets:

RGJ reports that voluntary evacuations for Voltaire Canyon residents and the Carson Colony remain in place, abd that the fire is 30% contained:

KTVN reports 30% contained as well:

Very little smoke showing.


Inciweb has the Sierra Front Type 3 team in command of the fire and an estimated containment date of Friday June 15th, 2018 approx. 06:00 PM. Still showing 504 acres and 30% contained on inciweb. Low RH and gusty winds are expected today:

They do not expect movement of the fire.

Edit: 228 personnel assigned. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.


517 acres 100% contained.