Opportunity with growing fire program

Kansas Forest Service is hiring a District Fire Management Officer to help KFS Fire Program meet the needs of fire departments and communities we serve by being the direct contact for the program to the fire departments and related organizations within their assigned district (Southeast district). They will help provide training, direct incident support, and have the opportunity to more effectively pursue relations with those we serve.

Interested? Learn more and apply at: https://careers.k-state.edu/cw/en-us/job/509668/district-fire-management-officer-southeast-ks

Eric’s note: This is a great opportunity with an agency that has seen significant growth in recent years. Great support from admin, good rapport with fire departments (thanks largely to the good work of these DFMOs), opportunity to grow in quals and work within the national system (we’ve had folks in multiple states this summer). If you’re highly motivated, with good experience, good people skills, and you enjoy training, this is a great opportunity.

what is starting pay? I am a state fire captain in California. No degree, but I have twenty years of service in CA and Region 5. I started 5 years with the forest service and transitioned to Cal Fire where I have been for about 15 years. I have worked closely with federal and local partners and worked for USFS and contracted for a local fire agency. I was a Volunteer firefighter for 7 years and was the Assistant Chief of the dept. at the end. Be hard to up and move my family without proper compensation and your job posting does not list it.

I can’t say for sure on starting pay, but you could call Kylie, the HR specialist, at 785-532-3301 and I imagine she could tell you the range. I would say, though, that cost of living would likely be a fraction of what you’re accustomed to. Gas is currently running $1.98/gallon here, for example.

i understand, thank you.

would i even qualify or be competitive?

I’m not on the hiring committee, but it sounds like you meet the minimum requirements, and well exceed the required experience from what you described. No harm in applying if you think you’d need interested.

Dude, its Kansas. Here ya go, no need to call.

Salary Range/ Pay Rate: $47,000 - $52,000