OR-732S-Milepost 97??


Wondering why this large wildfire in SW Oregon hasn’t been listed? It appears that large resource orders are being made.


Over 9,000 now. ODF Team ordered.


Milepost 97 spotted across I-5. Crews focused on picking up spots on east side of I-5.

Inciweb: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6461/


Last night’s IR map puts it at 11,009 acres:


OR-732S is the unit as per the sit report.


Smoke from this fire is making its way into the Sacramento valley.

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Here’s last night’s IR map:

And a nice animation of the fire perimeter:

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12,336 acres per last night’s IR flight, 15% contained. There was coastal fog in the fire area both yesterday morning and this morning. Not much heat showing from the satellite fire detections, either.