OR-Archie Creek Fire - East of Sutherlin

Modis shows a large fire east of Sutherlin, Ore. north of 138 (100k+), does anybody have any intel on it, I’m getting questions from people

Umqua NF has 2 (maybe one now) fires up Hwy 138, in the Glide area. 15,000+ acres. Named Archie Creek Fire I think.

Thanks, using your fire name, Archie Creek, found the NWCG site describing the 15k acres. At the time it’s location was 20 miles east of Glide, it’s blown past Glide now. So I’m guessing it is in the 100K range.

Not familiar with the area but if anyone has intel on expectation of it I would appreciate it.

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Where can I get an IAP?

Archie Creek Fire. Unknown time and place exactly.