OR-Beachie creek??

Any one have info about the ICP being destroyed from earlier in the week?

This fire is part of several other major incidents South/East of Portland-Salem (Beachie, Riverside, Lionshead, P515, Green Ridge, White River.) They are in the process of merging into a very large geographic complex. Evacuation perimeter for Level 1 has been expanded to the Portland city limits. Level 2 evacuation as far North as Highway 212 only two miles from Portland. See map below. (possibly dated info. from ~13:00 this date)

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State of Oregon Hotspots Dashboard conveys well the magnitude of area involved with the multiple-merging fire incidents. https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/6329d5e4e13748b9b9f7f33f06a3c376/


The level 1 areas DO NOT go into Portland city limits. Clackamas County only.

The original ICP in Gates was destroyed by fire Monday night and the team had 5 minutes to leave and lost most of the team equipment and a lot of personal gear.
ICP is now in Salem.