OR- ? - Cutoff fire

Bly, Oregon

New start in the area of Hwy 140 at Bly Mountain

Level 3 Evacuations in progress for Bly Mountain

Last size reported 5 acres


Looks like they have AA over the fire. Haven’t been able to find frequencies yet.


The 5 acres estimate seems to be on the light side given the column photo combined with the AA flight coverage


Another photo from Klamath Lake, looking for updated acreage now


Great work! It’s really good to see the reporting of incidents outside of CA.


Updated acreage 100 Per SCOFMP


T912 on order from Santa Maria

CMD ODF 151.2050
A/G 151.3100
Tac 151.3400



The Cutoff Fire is currently burning on Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) protected land, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lakeview District and Fremont-Winema National Forest lands approximately 6 miles north of Bonanza.

The fire is estimated to be approximately 1,000 acres and rapidly spreading to the southeast, with no containment. The fire cause is under investigation. It was reported today around 1:30 p.m.

There are numerous resources assigned to the fire and on order.

At this time approximately 125 structures are threatened. Residents in the area should monitor the current evacuation status as this incident progresses.

Following is updated evacuation information, at the request of the Cutoff Fire Incident Commander, issued by Klamath County Emergency Management:

Level 3 (GO NOW)
East of Bly Mountain Cutoff Rd, North to Grizzly Ln, West of Hummingbird Dr, and South to Keno Springs Road.

Level 2 (GET SET)
East of Bly Mountain Cutoff Rd, North to Keno Springs Rd, West of Forest Service Rd 3812, South three miles.

Level 1 (GET READY)
East of Bly Mountain Cutoff Rd, North to Hwy 140 and Kingfisher Dr, West of Hummingbird Dr, South to Grizzly Ln.

Klamath County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Search and Rescue Volunteers are in the process of evacuating affected residents.

An ODF Incident Management Team is en route. The Klamath County Structure Task Group is on the fire and a second task group has been ordered.

FULL REPORT: kfnews.org/cutoff-fire-ab6ff1

I worked a fire right next to this fire back in 2001. I remember water was a real problem. It was a long drive back into town where the VFD had a well that seemed to be the only source capable of filling an engine or tender quickly. We were told to dump our engine tanks into the fol-da-tanks at the end of the day and drive back empty and would fill up at the well in the morning. Tenders were of course hauling as well.