State ID: OR
3 letter designator: SWO
Fire name: RAMSEY
Location: Ramsey Canyon Road
Reported acres: 65
Rate of spread: RROS
Structure threat: Level 1 evacuations in effect
Resources: ODF 6 20 person hand crews 6 engines 2 tenders 2 dozers. 2 supervisors. Strike team structural resources on order
Weather: 91 degrees light winds
Radio channels: ODF Roxy ann
Scanner link: https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/23176/web
Webcam link:


level 1 evacs W fork beans creek road/ Ramsey Road/ Meadows area


Ordered 2 more dozers


RV 2 Task Force ordered Batt 3 TFLD


Making runs uphill, may be more like 100-150 acres now

Per AA possibility of 300+


RV 1 on alert now


Sounds like parts of Ramsey who were on level 1 now being upgraded to level 2


PER IC Level 2 on Ramsey side of the fire

Fire is making a run to the east

Fire size is at 250 acres




Sorry, I don’t see any indication of where this fire is on the map link.
Could you please provide some more context for those of us who are not local?



Try this drop pin. It is about 10 air miles NW of white city. Meadows Rd I believe. Heat signature appears to be moving west( not boots on the ground Intel) just putting pieces together

Dropped Pin
near Jackson County, OR