OR-RSF- Taylor-Klondike


Taylor and Klondike fires now managed by Schulte’s T1 team.
I think this Fire Information site deserves awards for quality, quantity and timeliness of information. Today’s operations briefing posted a few hours ago is great.



CA-IIMT4 (Kurth) assuming command tomorrow


CIIMT4 will be assuming command of the West Klondike only. The Alaska IMT will still have the east zone and the all of the Taylor Creek Fire.


I figured this one needs an update the Klondike fire is still pretty active spotting up to 5 miles ahead itself along with some good rain.



Only 1/10 to 2/10” of rain yesterday no rain today, Northwest team #8 taking fire on Sunday.


Pretty active today and still showing some heat.


I clicked on this to see what was happening on the Klondike fire and was amazed when it focused in on our fire in Paradise (the Camp Fire) I will keep checking this map over the next few days (hopefully it will die down quickly … a number of my family have sadly lost their homes. Thankfully they made it out safely, though :slight_smile: