Oregon Fire Wx & News 2022

Your Friday wildland fire :fire::fire::fire: update!

:white_check_mark:Wetting rains were recorded in northwestern Washington along the coast range. Southeastern Oregon experienced continued isolated thunderstorms produced lightning and trace amounts of precipitation.

:four: New Fires

:white_check_mark:The Griffin Fire 10 miles NW of Drewsey, OR is 450 acres and 0% contained.

:white_check_mark:The North Springs Fire is 43 miles E of Cedarville, CA is 950 acres and 0% contained.

:white_check_mark:The Bowden Crater Fire 15 miles SE of Burns Junction, OR is 950 acres and 0% contained.

:white_check_mark:The Lower Goose Fire 24 miles NW of Pomeroy, WA is 700 acres and 100% contained. Last report unless significant activity occurs.

:eight: Previously Reported Fires

:white_check_mark:The Miller Road Fire 8 Miles SW of Maupin, OR is 11,186 acres and 25% contained. The fire saw 686 acres of growth in the last day. Evacuations are in effect for the fire.

:white_check_mark:The Cedar Creek Fire 15 Miles E of Oakridge, OR is 830 acres and 0% contained. This lightning-caused fire saw 530 acres of growth.

:white_check_mark:The Windigo Fire 20 miles SW of La Pine, OR is 978 acres and 0% contained.

:white_check_mark:The Potter Fire 8 Miles NE of Clearwater, OR is 125 acres and 0% contained. The fire is seeing moderate fire behavior.

:white_check_mark:The Vantage Highway 5 Miles W of Vantage, WA is 26,490 acres and 35% contained.

:white_check_mark:The Cow Canyon Fire 11 Miles N of Naches, WA is 5,600 acres and 0% contained.
Evacuations are in effect and structures are threatened.

:white_check_mark:The Williams Lake 11 Miles S of Cheney, WA is 1,500 acres and 0% contained.

:white_check_mark:The Beech Creek Fire 9 Miles S of Long Creek, OR is 248 acres and 25% contained. The fire is exhibiting moderate fire behavior.

:white_check_mark:A warming and drying spell will set in over the weekend and last through mid-week. The potential for initiation of new large fires will drop back to normal background levels for early August on Friday.

Check back here for regular updates and be sure to visit these sites for the most up-to-date wildland fire information!

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Photo :camera_flash:: Flying above the Cedar Creek Fire, August 4, 2022.

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:fire:Update: Fire activity was relatively quiet yesterday over central Oregon. Firefighters made great progress increasing containment on existing wildfires. Only 1 new fire was reported last night.

Morning Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Update::point_down:


here’s the active large fires in Oregon and Washington. There are 11 active large :fire:fires out there – 4 in Washington and 7 in Oregon.

This new :world_map: shows the exact location of the active and uncontained large fires, as of August 6, 2022.

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There are thunderstorms developing east of the Cascades, with a very deep inverted V profile and PWV’s only .64 on the sounding. Abundant dry lightning on dry fuels is a major major concern!


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Just posting this here be it shows 4 of the fires going in #OR right now.


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